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Teri McCorkle

Spiritual Awareness Mentor




777 Campus Commons Road Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95825

Life Coach



Teri McCorkle’s work focuses on assisting clients on remembering their divine selves, who they are on a soulful level and incorporate their essence in all aspects of their lives, home, work, community. Teri’s interactive teaching style customizes one-on-one coaching sessions or creating corporate style programs emphasizing the soulful self in the workplace.

Over the past twenty-five years, Teri has developed her innovative approach leading teams with Oracle, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and other world-class organizations enhancing day-to-day operations to include a commitment to the individual and creating transformational processes to enhance work-life culture.

Additionally, as an intuitive and Reiki Master, Teri folds into individual sessions techniques for clients to tap into their inner wisdom to discover their forgotten talents, unwrap unsupportive myths, and develop a self-love program to enable them to manifest their visions and dreams.

Because of Teri’s passion for the power of labyrinth, she built a 20’x20’ classical labyrinth in her own Roseville, CA backyard in 2003. Utilizing this amazing tool for walking meditation, she leads workshops from her home whether for individual client’s authentic awakening or use to develop a corporate mission, career reinvention, or problem-solving for a system/process conversion. The potential is unlimited. Being ambidextrous, her strategies fluidly embody both left and right brain solutions. The labyrinth is an ideal vehicle for harnessing your feelings to explore self-development and transformation.

Working with Teri, you have a partner in your inner journey of transformation. For organizations, you have a partner to develop innovative human potential solutions that enhance the culture and dynamic of your teams.

So looking forward to getting started with you!

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